Black Walnut

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A variety of hand rubbed finishes, peg designs and telescoping lengths are available on all commissioned stands. Contact us for details.

Many consider Black Walnut the king of hardwoods.  These music stands are solid walnut harvested in NE Iowa, some over a generation ago.  Veneer quality walnut commands a premium price in any market but I find 'imperfections' to be far more interesting.  Knots, burls, bacterial, fungal and natural decomposition all create a uniqueness absent in 'perfect' wood.  These characteristics are ever present in overly mature and downed trees.           


Stand Face:  Walnut 20" X 13"

Shelf:  3 1/2" Walnut

Pegs:  Walnut

Base:  3 Legs, Large 

Shaft Extension:  Walnut  35" to 48"

Height Adjust:  Front

Tilt Adjust:  Right

Pallet Tilt:  Full