Red Cedar

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Thirty years of prairie management and restoration at Capoli Ranch have yielded some fine Red Cedar lumber.  Red Cedar heartwood is soft but tough, open grained and difficult to draw knife because of the knots and stringy grain pattern.  The benefits of this labor however result in a  unique stand very light in weight but quite indestructible.  Red Cedar heartwood is the stuff of which driftwood is made and becomes richer with age. 


Stand Face:  Red Cedar 20" X 12"

Shelf:  2 1/2" Red Cedar

Pegs:  Walnut

Base:  3 Legs, Large 

Shaft Extension:  Red Cedar  37" to 48"

Height Adjustment:  Front

Tilt Adjustment:  Right

Pallet Tilt:  Full

A variety of hand rubbed finishes, peg designs and telescoping lengths are available on all commissioned stands. Contact us for details.

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