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Butternut is a wonderful wood - 'white walnut' it is often called.  Ours was sourced from the Yellow

River State Forest in Allamakee County,  Iowa

harvested many years ago along with our own

Capoli Ranch stock taken before the canker decimated the species.  Butternut is open grained, deepens over time and no wood ages

more beautifully.  It is durable and light in weight.

Butternut with walnut accents blend together elegantly in any piece.

The pallet face above illustrates how Butternut ages with the ages.  Note the signature solid walnut flower and shelf accent.  The stand to the right is grain contoured by hand chisel and the pallet in the upper right is the incomparable Worm Hole Butternut.  The stand below features

a unique walnut back assembly.

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Worm hole Butternut

Butternut w/ Walnut Accent

Butternut /w Walnut Back